Mountain Retreat
Painting Classes 2017
at Villa Fascino

Do you want to paint more intuitively?  Paint with flow, freedom and ease of expression, within a solid design framework? Understand values? Confidently create a solid composition and successfully use negative space in your paintings? Explore new techniques? Create with energy and momentum? Break through what you feel are self limiting behaviors when it comes to painting? If you answered ‘yes’ to these questions, these classes are for you. You’ll be learning and practicing specific ways doing these things.

The classes are four hour sessions with group and individualized instruction. There are painting demonstrations and a lunch break.


Concentration is on the figure. This need not be intimidating – come and have fun with this most expressive and intriguing subject matter. You may have your own subjects that you like to concentrate upon. That’s great too. The setting may inspire you to do landscapes.

Note the amazing new class location. You’ll feel as if you’re getting away from it all, though the desitination is quite local.

Class time and dates? Classes go from 10 AM to 2 PM each day. Selected Tuesdays and Thursdays in June, July and August. Choose any and all dates you’d like to attend:


August 1 (Tues) FULL
August 10 (Thurs) 
August 15 (Tues) 
August 24 (Thurs) 
August 29 (Tues)

Cost? $80 per class; the cost drops down to $65 per class when you sign up and prepay for three or more classes ($195 for three classes, ideally to be used within a 2-month period. $455 for seven classes, and so on).

Media? Tube watercolor is great for ease of learning and handling in the classes, but if acrylic or oil is your medium of choice, that can work too. Materials lists will be supplied. You can apply all the approaches and techniques taught to ANY medium in which you choose to paint or experiment.

Payment secures your spot. Please pay by check or cash.

Class size? These are small classes by design – space is limited, so if you’re interested, please don’t delay.


Recent Instruction Session Examples Below
(Please read these to get an idea of the possibilities for your in-class study with me. Pick your own direction and go!)

Composition and Design
An exciting area of study for those who want to develop their ability to grasp – and then paint into – what I call a ‘shape collection’. Choose from the many carefully designed shape collections available, which I supply in the classes. Study what makes them sucessful and why. Or, bring your own reference photos or life drawing studies, and delve into the art and science of building a heart-and-soul-winning composition of your own.

Bring your open mind and adventurous spirit to this form of painting.


Working from Photographs
What are the three most important things to know when working from reference photos? What are the pitfalls? How do we select subject material which has great potential for a great painting? What the keys to success in shooting your own photos for painting reference? When do we stick to the inspiration of the photo, and when should we vary from what is there? How do we then leak our deepest feelings through the brush and onto the painted surface and not be a slave to the original image?

These are some of the questions we’ll answer as we extract exciting compositions from sometimes unlikely material. Then, paint – capitalizing on the benefits of painting from photos while avoiding some of the traps that they can also represent for the innocent painter.

The Face Revisited
This has been a popular repeat-area of painting: emphasis on the face.

How do we render the windows to the soul, the sensuous mouth, the infamous nose – with some attention to truth, yet a look that is expressive, confident, free and bold?

The face can be portrayed in so many ways – which ‘fit you’ the best? What creates ‘soul’ in an image of a human face?

We’ll explore many different answers to these questions and more in this workshop.

We’ll review the works of some of the work of the masters – from Da Vinci to Warhol – and understand what makes them tick.

Join us and explore this most compelling of subject matter.


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Learn to paint more intuitively and spontaneously – with a foundation in good design and proven principles for successful paintings. Join a group of painters engaged in painting freely and expressively from their creative core.

These classes are about learning and adventuring into new territory in a very positive, nurturing and freeing environment.


Each class will afford individualized focus for each painter. What is it that you need help with, or want to explore more deeply as an experienced painter? I will at times do start-to-finish demonstration paintings during the course of the classes as well.

Requirements? Painting experience is great but not absolutely necessary. ‘Never before’ painters have joined the classes and had stellar results. On the other hand, experienced painters frequently take these workshops to break out and paint with fresh ‘new mind’ again.

If in doubt, please call to discuss. Many of the approaches and techniques taught are ground breaking – so you are not ‘different’ if you do not have traditional painting experience under your belt. 



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About the instructor:

The works of Richard Hawk hang in collections around the world. This highly awarded artist has also been sharing his own approach to ‘painting from the inner core’ for more than ten years in popular workshops and classes. Here are typical responses from artist attendees:

“I wish I could find the words to adequately thank you for the most rewarding workshop I’ve ever attended. I feel like many doors have been opened to me and I’m excited about walking through them!”

“I’ve attended several of Rich’s workshops, and they are “perfection”. We always work in a wonderful environment with a very relaxed atmosphere. It’s continually inspiring and brings each student her/his own bit of joy! Thank you Rich.”

“I particularly appreciated seeing you paint and talk about what you were doing as you did it. Thank you!”

“Your encouragement helped me explore heretofore untapped resources within myself… This morning I am still in the glow… through your workshop, I have found the balance in my own paintings for which I have been searching. To be able to now express myself fully through my paintings brings me great joy!”

“I seriously learned more in five classes with you than I did in a year with another teacher. Outstanding!”

What does it mean to ‘paint from your core’? It means painting with spontaneity and a natural flow of your creative impulses. It also means painting with abundant energy.

No fluff – we’ll work with specific methods and techniques for achieving and maintaining creative flow and making exciting energy evident in your work.

Advanced students – we’ll explore the approaches of the masters and focus on design, the power of intention, and personal style.

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Join us in this exciting new series of workshop classes and begin to paint as you never have before.


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