“Richard is a phenomenal teacher. So accessible, generous and hands on. He models fearlessness and creates a safe space for everyone’s fears to disappear.”

“I felt guided to my own inspiration with support and suggestions and WOW moments. The place and intimacy of the workshop was so comfortable. Got lots of one on one and group support. I felt so spacious and relaxed when I left after each full day. Richard’s demos were so inspiring and his gentle and wise feedback priceless!”

“I liked having time between the lessons – there is a lot to absorb, to try, to think about. I would love to have the workshop continue…”

“I love the fact that you include getting help with our own work. So important to me, personally.”

“I’ve relied on your stable grounding and artistic guidance for many years now.  Even when energy is low, it still gives me hope knowing I have art to hold onto. Using your gentle and powerful nature to teach others is a true and lasting gift.”

“Really great workshop! Thank you for all your work!” 

“Thank you for helping me see that everything doesn’t have to be perfect to be good. I’d like to be on your mailing list for future workshops. Maybe by then I’ll be a “loose” woman. Thanks again.” 

“Fantastic workshop! Loved every minute. Would come back many times over.”

“Although I have been taking various classes elsewhere, this workshop really drove home how to see things in terms of shape and value. Richard was patient, encouraging and supportive every step of the way. His demos clearly demonstrated the techniques we were learning… Thank you so much.”

“…how much I enjoyed your workshop! It was invigorating, fun and freeing!”

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