Copper Patina Art

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Location: Online

Richard shares proprietary techniques for creating stunning works of art on copper. You’ll be learning how to combine the forces of nature (patina action) with your own creative force, creating images on the surface of pure copper – element twenty-nine.

What We’ll Cover

You’ll come away from this workshop with a firm grasp of material and technical elements, including:

• Copper sheet • Copper foil • Surface preparation • Copper oxidation processes • Patina agents • Lacquer resist • Sealing the copper • Oil paint on copper • Mounting considerations • Health and safety


You’ll be working with fundamental issues of the creative process, including:

• Developing subject matter • Finding a voice in the copper • Letting go of ‘mistake’ mentality • Opening the door to serendipity • Identifying your best direction • Avoiding pitfalls, seizing opportunities • Next level – higher forces

This is a guided, intensive hands-on course. Materials and equipment sources will be identified.

Note: This course is being created now, slated for release Fall 2020. A special pre-order price will be available. Please sign up to reserve a spot in this highly unique and popular course.



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